Vacuum Testing

Vacuum Pressure TestingVacuum testing is usually employed to effectively test hose assemblies in suction applications where they will essentially stay rigid during service. Buckley Industrial employ an effective vacuum testing facility that enable them to subject hose assemblies to any negative pressure- reading down to a total vacuum state. (-29.92 in Hg – inches of mercury).

This means that should you follow through with a hose testing service such as a vacuum testing procedure, you will receive feedback on whether your hose is suitable for its intended or current use, with the ability to have it replaced should it be deemed unsuitable for its job.

Thorough testing helps Buckley Industrial arrive at a conclusion for every hose, which is determined by a series of investigations and tests that see any hose put through its paces to ensure it is more than capable for it’s job.

When a hose has been thoroughly tested it will be given an evaluation resulting in a final conclusion. This could include details of the hoses performance, allowing you to find out whether it is suitable to continue its job or it needs to be replaced.

Vacuum testing is an advanced form of testing that is of great importance to anybody who employs hosing that operates in an application whereby it must remain rigid at all times. Not only will Buckley Industrial arrive at a conclusion regarding your hosing, they will offer you replacements that can see your operations returning to safe and efficient working order.