Internal Hose Inspection

Internal Hose InspectionHose assemblies can pass both a visual inspection and a hydrostatic test, but still have defects that can be detrimental to its internal structure. Recognition of these hidden imperfections is important, as they can go on to cause serious functionality consequences in the near future. Buckley Industrial believe that the recognition of these are extremely important  so use a video scope to inspect the inside of hose assemblies.

Videoscope facilities are custom configured at Buckley Industrial, enabling an experienced professional to make a complete and accurate internal hose inspection incorporating the following features to the test:

  • Powerful light source
  • High definition, magnified display of the inside
  • Use of various lenses offering a wide field of view
  • Ability to take still and moving images for further investigation
  • Laser measurement system

After internal inspection, hose assemblies are sealed at both ends to prevent ingress of any foreign bodies that could have an effect before you receive your hose.