Hydrostatic TestingHydrostatic testing

Hydrostatic testing involves filling a hose assembly with water and taking it to a pre-specified test pressure. The pressure is usually tested around 1.5 times more of the maximum working pressure.

This is done in order to achieve an accurate result and the pressure is held for a set period of time whilst being monitored closely with extremely advanced pressure testing technology.

It is important to consider that the hose should not be over-pressurised, as it risks damaging a hose that is in full working condition, thus the use of expert technology.

Hydrostatic testing is performed on a hose to help expose defective materials that may have been missed during prior detection, which could include deteriorated strength and leaks. Specialist testing companies such as Buckley Industrial have custom built test rigs. These run with highly sensitive computer aided tracking equipment to provide the most accurate testing available within the industry. This process enables even the smallest leak to be detected.

Having this type of testing done to your hose assemblies is a convenient and cost-effective way to test the integrity of the hose, which ultimately lowers any potential issues that could relate to bursts and leaks. These problems could result in personal injury or contamination and pollution of an environment, which could subsequently affect you in compensation or clean-up operations that could otherwise be easily avoided.

Hose testing should be done to meet safety standards at all times, but still allow inspection under pressure. Buckley Industrial carry out testing in rubber lined troughs, clear of the floor and equipped with clear acrylic lids to abide by this.