Typically, the corrugated core of a stainless steel hose assembly is made from a quality grade austenitic stainless steel, formed into annular corrugations. The assembly is then strengthened even further by a single or double braid, which is dependant on the operating pressures of each individual stainless steel assembly. The braid is woven from a high grade stainless steel wire, which can be improved further by a higher quality grade wire. Here we will look further into the attributes of stainless steel hose assemblies.

There are varying types of cores for assemblies and hoses. A UFBX hose is suitable for applications with limited flexibility, whereas a B-Flex is more than suitable for a large majority of applications and machinery. If your application requires further flexibility or a higher working paper from the assemblies and hoses, then you will certainly benefit from a C-Flex hose assembly. Regardless of your requirements, you will certainly be able to find a hose that functions perfectly in your work environment.

Safety is an absolute necessity when it comes to any industrial assembly, machinery, or application. In order to ensure longevity for your assemblies and hoses, it is important for them to be installed correctly. The main cause of assembly failure is from fatigue due to an installation error. Hoses and assemblies have a life span and incorrect installation will simply reduce that life by a significant amount.

Despite the extensive range of stainless steel assemblies and hoses that are available, there can be further designs and specifications created to suit any and all individual requirements. However, it is definitely advisable for anyone with bespoke requirements for their assemblies and hoses to contact their local hose management firm. You will be able to discuss in detail the exact specifications of the hoses you require for your application.

The technology is known to advance quite suddenly and rather rapidly, so the information on stainless steel assemblies is known to change without notice. With this in mind, be sure to regularly enquire about the assemblies that you use and if there is any update to their technological specifications.