braided-88021_960_720Whether you’re from food processing, chemical or pharmaceutical industry if you’re using industrial hoses you’ll need all the additional supporting equipment so that you can function at full efficiency. Like with any industrial application part, it will need to be well maintained to avoid leaks or breakages in your flexible metal hose.

Hose Reels – If your hoses aren’t fixed to two applications, but is being used regularly is makes perfect sense to use a hose reel to easily store away excess hose from an easily accessible point. If you have already got a suitable set up in place, hose reels can be supplied with or without the attached hose. Of course, Hose Reels are a great addition to your health and safety precautions, as well as the general cleanliness of your industrial unit.

Hose Couplings and Fittings – Your hose couplings are a vital piece of equipment in connecting a hose to a tap or additional hose appliance. Depending on how you plan to use your applications, you may need one of a wide range of couplings to suit its use. The coupling material can vary from plastic, brass, stainless steel or aluminium. Of course, the way they’re made up can also vary from a groove, thread or clamp for steam, water, air or chemicals.

Flexible Connectors– Sometimes unknown, flexible connectors can be manufactured to customer specific requirements. There is no one size fits all when it comes to your industrial components. Tailor made, flexible connectors which marry two applications together, can be made up of a range of materials to suit your need, whether it’s chemical, food or pharmaceutical. 

Components for Helium Lines – Unlike water, or other gases which are made up of larger molecules, helium has a higher risk of escaping hoses and other assemblies over time. With this, you might find the need to replace certain components over time. Ideally, when purchasing new components for helium supply, they should be rigorously tested prior to being shipped to the customer.