Plastic_tubingWithin an industrial setting, you’ll be working with a range of raw chemicals and high-temperature products in order to create your final product. Whilst combining some chemicals, you can create a more neutral product; managing raw chemicals on their own can be very harsh on your applications internal components and hoses. It creates the need for a hose that can tolerate these testing chemicals which would typically corrode an average rubber hose. The PTFE Hose is a fantastic solution, recognised for its strength and durability in managing raw materials and high-temperature liquids.

PTFE Hose – The PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Hose; a high-performance plastic material made up of carbon and fluorine molecular polymer.  These hoses are favoured in environments where critical performance specification must be met. Still, although it is durable material in itself, the nature of your industrial environment means that you may require something more specialised.

Smoothbore PTFE Hose – Like the name suggests, this PTFE hose is lined with a smoother external braid of stainless steel wire. Inside the straight PTFE hose can be made with either standard or a thick wall, for excellent chemical resistance. This hose, with a temperature resistance of up to 260°C, 500°C is ideally suited to the food and beverage industry. These hoses can easily be wiped down for hygiene after use.

Convoluted PTFE Hose – This PTFE hose is made up of a helically convoluted PTFE liner tube which makes it particularly more flexible and kink resistant. This makes the hose ideal in applications which see regular movement and thus require a hose that has more movement. One of the disadvantages of this style of hose is ‘turbulent flow’ created by the deeper ridges which give it its flexibility.

Bioflex Ultra Hose – The Bioflex is considered the ultimate hose of its kind, incorporating the benefits of both the smoothbore and the convoluted PTFE hoses.  The inner hose uses a ribbed design which allows for movement whilst the outer stainless steel sheath retains its smoother shape. Its versatility means that it is suitable for a number of industries, including automotive, refrigeration systems, high-pressure steam, hot oil, semiconductor applications and chemicals.