Industrial PipesIf you’re thinking about expanding your company, moving to a new premises or taking on new machinery, now is the time to think about the right set up that would work for your company. Of course, this is no easy task. Planning the layout and use of connectors, couplings and stainless steel hose assembly‘s is a very complex task. Getting it right first time, will be your key goal amongst other factors. Without doing so, it can cost you valuable production time, the health of your machinery as well as employed time and energy. It is for this reason, that it makes sense to employ an industrial consultancy who is able to advice of the right setup for you.

Other factors your consultancy will be able to advise you on include:

Environmental Issues – If you’re working with hazardous chemicals, you will almost certainly be managing raw materials and waste in a different way to an industry that won’t. What’s more the materials of your hoses, couplings and flexible connectors will need to be suited to the chemical in use.

Health and Safety Considerations – Your setup and the way you use your machinery often dictates the health and safety of the working environment – using the right equipment certainly will. There are often ways to set up your machinery that make using them in much simpler and safer ways. Your consultant will be able to visit your new location and advise you on your layout.

Current Legislation – Your industry is ever changing and so is the legislation that it must adhere to. It is likely if you’ve had your units and applications running for a number of years, there will have been some advances that set the industry standard. Waste management is a big industry factor seeing regular change especially in regard to hazardous waste.

Recommendations – For the simple reason that at a professional will be able to offer advice about new and improved processes, to help your industry become more efficient is great advantage. Building these recommendations not only helps you manage your maintenance but it offers a good guidance on where you should ideally be spending this money. In all, investing in a consultation can save you much more money time and energy in the long run, helping to make the most of your machinery.