hose couplings and fittingsInterested in keeping your industrial hoses in top working condition, long after first getting them? Then you and your business could benefit quite easily from something as simple as some hose couplings.

Simple by design and implementation, these industrial innovations offer more flexibility when it comes to your hose setup and can be the difference between your operations running smoothly or not. Optimising your equipment within the workplace is always advised and if you work often with hoses or are simply using them for a particular application, there’s no doubt that you need to check out the couplings to go with them.

They operate by simply acting as the meeting point between one or more hoses and also a source, such as a tap. An easy way to think of this is to think of your regular old garden hose and the way it connects to the water tap. Have you ever noticed how it can sometimes leak if left unsecured? Imagine that’s the same issue in an industrial environment that uses gases and other hazardous materials and you may run into serious concerns.

Health and safety is becoming more and more a big issue within the industrial world as accidents are coming under scrutiny even more and legal action is now easier to take by the offended party. This is why you need to assure guidelines are met wherever you can and a simple way of working towards this is to use couplings.

Thanks to their high-strength composition and versatility for many different applications, no industry should be using industrial hoses with the couplings to optimise them. Stainless steel couplings in particular are renowned for offering robust solutions that do not hinder the quality of your connection.

Buckley Industrial are a Flintshire-based business that have been providing high-quality hose couplings for many years. Along with the couplings, they are able to provide a whole host of other hose products from reels to connectors and everything in between. Be sure to contact them to find out more.