Vacuum testingUndertaking rigorous and demanding practices that involve industrial hoses but are unsure of whether it can take all of the pressure? Then you ought to check out vacuum testing services from industry leaders.

As your hoses age over they time, they become less and less likely to perform properly and show the signs of gradual wear and tear over time. If you notice any cosmetic differences in your hoses, such as abrasion or a weakening when put under pressure, it is advised to take steps to prevent an accident from occurring in the future.

A unique and recommended way of doing this is to take up some vacuum testing services.

In a large network of hose assemblies, it’s important that each stays rigid during its application otherwise this can negatively affect flow and therefore, the effectiveness of your practices and particularly relevant when it comes to suction applications.

Buckley Industrial are one such company who excel with their vacuum testing services as they have a team of experts with years of experience on hand to assist with the whole process. Thanks to only the most efficient in data tools and equipment, you can be assured that you are getting accuracy from your testing on an individual basis for each hose assembly.

By exposing assemblies to negative levels of pressure in a vacuum, you will clearly be able to see what sort of exertion your hose assembly is capable of still withstanding. If it seems as if your hose may be decreasing in quality during the vacuum testing process, it’s clear that it is not fit for purpose and should be discontinued. Buckley Industrial is able to provide a vacuum state (-29.92inHg – inches of mercury) during the testing process.

This is a necessary precaution on two important levels: it helps you to prevent possible hose malfunctions which can have health and safety implications and it can also save you money in the long run.

Buckley Industrial are recognised as industry leaders in hose testing and inspection for many reasons and one of those reasons is that they  are able to provide to a broad range of different kinds of ways of testing your hoses to suit your requirements. As well as vacuum, they can provide helium leak tests, hydrogen tests and hydrostatic tests as well as their expert team being able to professionally assess your assemblies on-site.

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