Hoses used in various industriesHose testing is important to a host of industries, from marine and chemical to food processing and utilities. Without working hoses ensuring that important application processes can run smoothly, major complications and operational issues can arise, causing malfunctions, time consumption, down time and costly implications.

Marine and Offshore

The loading and unloading of liquids and gases requires complex transportation in a salt laden atmosphere for specialised bespoke transfer hose and coupling assemblies. The applications used to help assist these processes to ensure full working condition.


Hazardous substances are a natural characteristic of the chemical industry, which requires specialist knowledge, training, products and applications. Many of the applications within this type of industry require hose usage, which play vital roles in ensuring application run smoothly and safely. The maintenance of these hose’s ensuring their reliability is vital, as safety is at the forefront of this industry.

Food Processing

The food processing industry has to abide by very strict standards. All food processing applications use hoses in some form, so ensuring that they work to do their job efficiently, safely and legally is extremely important. Bespoke flexible connectors manufactured using food quality rubber and carious quality seals should be employed to produce these consumables.

Domestic Utilities

The domestic utility industry in the United Kingdom covers a range of different processes. From gas supply to electricity supply, practical hoses must be used. Buckley Industrial is collaborating with the National Grid and various Gas Alliance companies to help develop the testing services of flexible armoured hose assemblies used to bypass and rider hoses on the below 2 bar network.

Buckley Industrial supply all forms of hosing that may be required by these industry types and more. From product supply to maintenance services and hose testing Buckley Industrial can offer the solution to your specialist areas.