It is now necessary for the hose and fitting technology to meet the requirements of modern machines and equipment that are constantly becoming more demanding and difficult to manage.  In order to satisfy this, many different brands are making it a primary aim to develop a new, state of the art set of products and technologies. Hydraulic hose fittings have a major role to play, since they have an impact on the overall efficiency and safety of a hydraulic system.  The development and production of modern materials and techniques has resulted in an efficient hose to fitting piece service provided by Buckley Industrial.

It is important that when a hose to hose fitting is carried out by a professional that instructions towards correct assembly are followed exactly, as the smallest error can be detrimental to the fitting. Arranging hydraulic hose fittings the wrong way can separate the fittings from it, which can cause serious injury or damage property.  If this occurs in a whipping hose for example fire and vapour can be expelled from the hose with the possibility of causing injury and creating a fire hazard.  Limits of use are defined by both governmental standards and institutional organisations, taking into consideration the hose and fittings specification to avoid potential problems and aid in maximizing the safety of the service.

Many companies that manufacture these hydraulic hose fittings tend to use the hose dash size that is used internationally, as the size is measured according to the inside of the tube within the hose, and not the outer wall diameter. The bend radius has a minimum, but is not an indicator of hose flexibility. The minimum refers to the radius at which the hose may be bent through whilst operating the maximum published work pressure. The power that is transmitted through these hose fittings is pressurized fluid, which varies through the rate of flow. The components size must be adequate enough to keep the pressure drops to a complete minimum and avoid aging that often comes with excess heat and fluid velocity.

It is important however, that before purchasing hose fittings, to make sure that the hose and fittings are suited to the purpose of the job, and that they fit the application requirements. There are many factors both inside and outside the hose which can have a big influence on which hoses and fittings are best used for different purposes. The Property Place blog has more information on industrial hoses and other parts, as well as useful information, advice and products that surround the property and industrial sector.