Stainless Steel expansions joints are used a wide range of different application within different industries. You would commonly find them within sites and plants using pipework, where the pipe requires metallic expansion joints.

There are various different types of stainless steel expansion joints that are more suited to different types of pipe functions and applications  including pipework’s, power generation, process plants, chemical an petrochemical installations, engine exhaust systems, team and thermal fluid distribution pipework, chimneys and flues as well as building services pipework.

The most basic type of stainless steel expansion joint is the single type expansion joint untied, which is suitable for smaller pipes. The model absorbs movements in the section of the pipe of which it is installed. The single type may or may not have been engineered with a shrink rig, which usually depends on the pressure of the pipes. The stage up from this joint is the metallic single joint-tied model which is designed to fit pipes that will make lateral movements, helping them to withstand thrust of the pipes during its functioning process.

There are a host of other types of metallic expansion joints that can be ordered to suit any type of application that may require them, from small to large. Buckley industrial supplies all types of restrained and unrestrained joints from simple single-bellows units to hinged, tied and pressure-balanced arrangements. The size range spans from 40mm to 6000mm with various pressure ratings and different material types. Available with flanges, welding ends, special fittings and other features, you can have your metallic expansion joints exactly to your requirements.

Gimbal metallic joints are suited to pipelines that make varied movements, and must be installed in twos and threes to adequately hold out against thrusting and the movement of pipes. Two pairs of these gimbal arms and pins will protect the metallic joint from being damaged and overexerted.

These joints are often talked and designed upon on a project to project basis, meaning what you end up using from Buckley Industrial is a bespoke, especially designed product that is perfect for you application or project.