Visual Hose Inspection

hose inspectionThe outside of a hose is very important when it comes to processes that involved the use of hoses. There are various different ways the outside of a hose can be damaged, which can lead to extremely inconvenient impacts on your processes.

Spotting faults or problems with your hoses can be relatively obvious (dents, kinks etc), however; some defects can be much harder to spot to the untrained eye, meaning you may not see something that would be blatantly obvious to an experienced professional in the hose testing industry. This means there could be a disaster waiting to happen and you may not even know it!

While there may be issues with a hose that may not be easily seen, you may come across serious looking defects that may not actually have any negative effect on your operations. For these common issues, it is always wise to contact a company that offers trained personnel to come and carry out professional visual hose inspections.