A hose management system is an important tool that helps to maintain efficiency when using various hose assemblies during a variety of industrial processes. Hose assemblies serve an important purpose and must be cared for properly and checked on a regular basis. They can deteriorate over time, especially the hoses that are in constant use and continuously moving. As a result of this movement, hose wear can occur quite often, leading to costly repair bills due to issues that can easily be prolonged or avoided.

Hose testing and inspection is a service offered by reliable and knowledgeable hose management companies working alongside various industry, to ensure production is kept moving at all times. This can help a user identify problems and take the correct course of action to solve it.

How Can You Combat Damage to Hose Management Systems?

The first thing you should think about it is allowing the hose to have some slack. It needs room to maneuver properly, and so there is no excessive tightening on the hose. Ensure that no matter which way or how far your hose will maneuver, that they are never being tightened or restraining a certain movement. This will ultimately defend against accidents and hose damages.

Hose and cable carriers can be used. These are usually metallic or non-metallic materials that are made to add support to a hose when it is stretched or contracted. They are a compilation of interlinking bolts and holsters that expand and contract along with the hose, which will help slow down the speed of hose movement, making it much more rigid to the fluid or gas that travels through.

Metallic carriers are considered to be perfect in protecting against abrasions and debris penetrating the hoses considerably better than non-metallic, whereas non-metallic offers a degree of protection, without taking too much away from the hose efficiency. Generally, it is recommended that non-metallic carriers should be used in enclosed assemblies, whereas metallic hose carriers used in open hose assemblies.

To tell when your hose is becoming affected due to damages, look out for a drop in efficiency in the system. Should you notice a drop, you can be relatively certain that there is an issue that should be checked out, which you can then take action to fix it, by feeding the hose assembly out of the hose carrier.

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