Industrial Hose Vacuum testing is a process used to test hose assemblies and systems in suction applications where they will essentially stay rigid during service. This form of testing is used to effectively test hose assemblies for any leaks, bursts or other faults. When the testing process has been completed and the results have been accurately compiled and analysed, the hose testing company will pass on the details and information to the client, along with recommendations should there be any faults with their vessels.

When a hose is tested, it is subjected to any pressures that it would be expected to cope under on a day to day basis, to ensure that it will stay rigid in its service. It is a form of hose testing that is extremely important in undertaking a vital test that determines if it is suitable to continue working its job.

Typically a hose will be expected to cope down to a total vacuum state of -29.92 in Hg – inches of mercury. Suction applications that do not work properly are at risk of power cuts, failure, halts and hazards that can be devastating to both personnel and equipment. Halted production processes cost millions of pounds every single year, whereas having your hose tested for faults does not.

Typical applications and equipment that undergoes vacuum testing include; valves, heat exchangers, cryogenic tanks, fuel tanks, fire extinguishers, process plants and nuclear plants.

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