dirty-industry-stack-factoryCleaning your components is often the last thing on the ‘to do’ list as an industrial manufacturer. However, cleaning your components is an important practice that should be taken seriously as a means of increasing productivity and producing the best quality final product. Here are some of the reasons why industrial manufacturers are choosing to outsource an industrial hose cleaning service:

Cleaning to an industrial grade

Although some manufacturers will carry out their own cleaning, many won’t be able to achieve the grade required for industrial cleanliness standards (Grade 5 Federal 100 standard). When you’re working with food and drink in particular, you need to ensure you’re working with equipment that is being regularly cleaned. However, cleaning your hoses and other piping systems is no easy feat. Often they will need to be pulled apart in order to reach all the internal areas internal manifolds of each pipe.

Professional component cleaning services will have created specialist solutions such as Oxygen or ultrasonic cleaning to remove the kind of contaminants that a manufacturer produces. These include Oil and grease, scale and natural and unnatural contaminants.

Furthermore, when you hire a professional cleaning service, you will often receive microscopic inspection of your components to ensure your components are up to the level of service that they provide.

Health and safety

Clogged up or unclean pipes are cause for health and safety concerns, making a risk of leak or contamination much higher. For gas or raw chemicals in particular, a leak can be dangerous to staff members who regularly work within the exposed area.


When your pipes and hoses are free from debris and contamination they can work at full capacity, delivering fluid or gas at the desired output. Of course this means you are able to increase your productivity and as a result, your profits. Machinery that works efficiently will require less power and resources to produce to produce the same unit value as an unmaintained would. With this in mind, regular cleaning should be planned well in advance to ensure that you’re operating a fully efficient manufacturing system.