Gas TurbinesThe growth of renewable energy combined with the notions of the wholesale electricity market, forces operators of gas turbines to multi-start machines. This can often be twice a day with superfast ramp-up periods.

Not many operators would be aware of the damage they are indeed having on their assets; gas turbines. Many will not be aware of the financial burden they are providing themselves, because unless operators understand the reduction in life this task has on various critical components, they can’t officially asses the financial implication from multi-starting gas turbines.

Gas turbines initially were designed to facilitate base loading, with minimal starts in mind. However as the years go on, industries change and technology advancements take place, which means over 500 starts per year are now commonplace for many industries and sectors.

Some companies may have dedicated teams to evaluate the damage being done by certain tasks, with other departments looking at the associated risks and cost implications. Once of the most effective ways of knowing how much life is left in a component is by analysis. There are various analytical methods that can be used, but all perhaps depend on your application and type of gas turbine that is in operation.

It is imperative that operators recognise that multi starting gas turbines could result in higher damage than they may appreciate. Armed with this knowledge and wealth of information, the operator of the gas turbine may reconsider the electricity price.

Buckley Industrial supply inspection and testing of flexible hose assemblies for gas turbines within the power generation industry, which has been a major speciality of theirs for many years. Their own test rigs are highly accurate and reliable, and can be set to the exact test pressure that is required for any particular assembly. Over pressurising an assembly can harm its integrity, so accuracy is of the essence.