Orion SpacecraftVacuum Testing is a service provided as a means of testing the structure of hose assemblies used in suction applications. There’s a variety of other testing services around such as Hydrostatic and Nitrogen testing, but Vacuum Testing is used in a number of applications. This is to ensure hose assemblies remain rigid during their service and provide quality application. Vacuum Testing can also be used in a number of other ways other than high pressure testing, as it can be used to test leaks.

NASA plans to send selected astronauts to Mars on the Orion spacecraft in the 2030’s. Although the planned deadline is in the far distance, there is a large of number of tests underway to ensure the health, safety and well-being of those set to make the trip. Once the team eventually get to Mars, they will need the right outfits.

Engineers and technicians at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston are currently testing the spacesuits, which astronauts will be wearing aboard the Orion spacecraft on trips to deep space. The Orion mission will carry astronauts further into space than they’ve ever been before.

Members of the Johnson Space Center team completed a so-called Vacuum Pressure Integrated Suit Test in mid-March. This test was carried out in order to verify that the suit will meet the standards required to be worn when aboard the Orion spacecraft. This will also be repeated a further three times, to ensure all requirements are met.

During the test engineers suited up and entered an 11-foot chamber designed to simulate the vacuum environment experienced in the spacecraft. Each suit was connected to life support systems and the air was then sucked out of the chamber.

The suit is a version of the launch and entry suits already worn by space shuttle astronauts and they will contain all the necessary functions to support life in the unlikely event the spacecraft loses pressure. It will also enable astronauts to leave their spacecraft for spacewalks.


Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nasakennedy/