Pipe expansion joints are used to help absorb thermal expansion or movement where it would be unpractical to use alternative methods such as expansion loops. Pipe expansion joints are available in a large range of types, with many different shapes and materials available for manufacture and purchase.

Metallic expansion joints are a type that is used to prevent damage caused by thermal growth, vibration, pressure and other mechanical forces. These types of materials are available in such materials as stainless steel, high grade nickel, alloy steels and much more. A pipe expansion joint is perfect for use when an application is under any sort of stress on any type of pipe. Without the correct installation, the pipe will be at extreme risk to breakage, damage and malfunction, so ensuring you have the correct type installed is of importance.

Pipe expansion joints are commonly used to combat:

  • Internal or external pressure at working temperature
  • A heavy pipe, or one that has to hold a number of parts that applies stress through its weight to the rest of the application
  • Movement applied to a pipe section
  • Compensate for lateral, torsion and angular movements preventing damage undue downtime of plant operations.

Effective construction and application the correct pipe expansion joint will solve problems such as vibration, noise, shock, corrosion and abrasion. Road and bridge construction and maintenance are an example of a popular use for expansion joint, albeit not necessarily pipe versions. This example is an easy way to illustrate what exactly an expansion joint does. Bridge expansion joints are designed to allow traffic between structures but allowing a small amount of movement. The bridge will accommodate for movement, shrinkage and temperature change.

Pipe expansion joints are indeed an important structure that requires attention to detail, as well as professional input. A firm such as Buckley Industrial can help advise and supply you with the information and products you need to ensure you have everything for your application in regards to pipe expansion joints.