hydrostatic testingAre you in an industry which depends on the absolute utmost in quality from your industrial hoses? Or perhaps you would just like to be conscientious and make sure your products are in top working order before the inevitable happens?

Then you could very well benefit from taking up hydrostatic testing solutions and you wouldn’t be the first to do so.

Over the past decade or so, as health and safety guidelines have become stricter, many businesses in the industrial world are looking to be as safe and secure in the day-to-day operations as possible. In the case of hoses, this is quite easily managed by approaching the professionals in hydrostatic testing.

Essentially, the process refers to exposing your hose assembly to excessive pressures over a period of time by filling it over typical capacity with water; 1.5x to be exact. The hose is then monitored thoroughly by experts who will be able to determine if its integrity remains intact or if it shows warning signs of posing a hazard in the future.

In fact, it is a regulation that you have your vessels checked for duress over time which makes sense as they can be somewhat of a creeping danger. Every two years is the advised rate at which you should be testing that your hose assemblies are in top working order.

Technically, you can undertake a hydrostatic test yourself with a simple hose and bucket of water. However, though this might be suitable for something like a garden hose, you may find yourself missing the finer details with an industrial hose, hence why the experts are often depended on to catch the finer points that you may miss.

They do this by using state of the art software to determine to fine details the strength of your hose and can offer advice on whether or not you should continue to use it or whether you should upgrade to a new one. One such business that can boast these kinds of experts is Buckley Industrial: based in Flintshire and experts in all things hose testing and inspection.

Buckley have built a strong reputation for their services by having one of the best hydrostatic pressure testing facilities around. Their advanced computer aided tracking equipment works within their custom built test rigs to find even the most minute of leaks; even those that aren’t visible in plain sight. All precautions are taken to ensure your hose is not damaged in the process.

Their other testing services include solutions in helium leak testing, nitrogen testing, vacuum testing and more. If you’re taking on applications that use gas or other materials that are more complex than water, Buckley will no doubt have the expertise to help you in that regards also.

Contact them via phone at 01244 544080 or email them at sales@buckley-industrial.co.uk if you have any queries.