hose reelHose reels are an essential safety item for any place of work, home or public area that may require of have in operation any type of hose. Industrial hose reels undertake a basic but incredibly important function that is ensuring that hoses are stored safely.

Hose reels prevent danger to personnel operating with or around them and also ensure that the hose itself is protected when not in use – while making sure that the hose can be accessed quickly and efficiently when required.

Hoses are very popular pieces of equipment, especially in industrial areas – coming in a wide range of types such as air, water, fuel, steam, oil, gas, grease and welding applications. Each of the different types of hoses will be operated across a huge range of different environments, so ensuring that they have an appropriate ‘home’ is vital.

hose reel

It is calculated that around 50% of workplace accidents happen due to tripping over something. Hoses are prime examples of an item that can easily trip someone over, thus highlighting the importance of a hose reel to keep the hose well out of the way of anyone’s feet. While the hose is on its reel, it will be protected from unnecessary wear and tear that will mean the hose should last longer and retain its ability to function perfectly.

There are a variety of different hose reels available that suit different types of hose that include; spring retractable hose reels, manual rewind hose reels and power rewind hose reels. The most common of the three types would be the spring retractable hose reel, which can retract the hose with a simple mechanism and is suited to small to medium sized hoses. This hose can be locked in place when in operation that will ensure there is no unnecessary or dangerous movement.

hose reel

Manual rewind hose reels are more suited to hoses with a longer length and require the operator to manually ‘crank’ the reel to retract the hose from its operation. A power rewind reel is one that is most suited to very long and heavy duty industrial hoses that are operated with the use of motors.

Hose reels are readily available and can be easily matched to your hoses to supply them with the perfect home. There are however services that allow custom hoses and hose reels to be built to your requirements that will be officially tested to ensure perfect functionality, from firms such as Buckley Industrial.