Before the application of any hose testing process in the workplace, the correct maintenance procedures always need to be strictly adhered to in regards to hose inspection so that everything is as it should be. cleaningTherefore, it’s vital that they are always cleaned accordingly.

Certain factors always need to be considered before you attempt a clean. They are as follows:

  • Know what type of hose you’re dealing with. Using the wrong procedure can lead to issues.
  • Which material is impacting on the inside of the hose?
  • How clean does the hose actually need to be?
  • If you’re using the correct facilities for the cleansing.
  • Use the correct solutions to prevent error.
  • Understand what application its being used for e.g. food and pharmaceutical.

This is just a basic idea of what must be considered each and every time you use your product. Without fail, they must be tested regularly under guidelines and anything less could result in consequences damaging to the workplace.

Solution Tips

As previously mentioned, it is an essential that all cleaning materials suit the specification of your product. You need to know these simple rules when choosing your solution.

  1. Don’t pick something overly corrosive. It may rid the affecting material but can also cause damage to your product.
  2. Sometimes a simple dilution of soapy water is enough to drive away the waste.
  3. Beware of the active chemical you’re trying to cleanse. Sometimes they can react with water negatively.
  4. Refer to a chemical resistance table to find out what’s suited and what is not.



There are a variety of different procedures and techniques that you can try to use when cleaning and each having differing effects. Realising what and what not to do is an absolute vital facet for hose cleaning.


  • Stay below the guidelines of temperature at which to subject your product to.
  • Use only protective equipment to shield you from dangers.

Steam Cleaning

  • NOT advisable compared to any other technique, the steam cleaning procedure should only be used if there’s little other action to take.
  • Be wary of the heat of the steam. Excessive temperatures can severely damage your hose and its life.
  • Ensure there are no hose blockages. This is incredibly damaging to the product and steam cleaning is ineffective at dealing with this.

Shuttle Method

  • Again, NOT the preferred cleaning method, this procedure can prove quite dangerous.
  • A shuttle travels along the length of a hose and attempts to cleanse the affected area.
  • Miscalculation can severely breach the health and safety guidelines of any workplace.