Component cleaning – otherwise known as ‘oxygen cleaning’ is a process that helps clean and remove a variety of different contaminants from internal areas of pipe systems, manifolds and valves – among many other components.

The most common contaminants that are found within a component used within an application are:

– Oil
– Grease
– Organic contaminants
– Inorganic contaminants
– Scale

When contaminants are left alone, they impose a much greater risk on causing blockages, which can in turn ignite fires. Piping systems that are fabricated at Buckley Industrial are utilized in the medical, food processing, manufacturing and other industries where a sterile product is critical.

Cleaning for oxygen service not only eliminates a fire hazard, but also makes sure that the system operates in its cleanest and most pure form. It could be as important as a breathing machine used in hospitals, which must be sterile, clean and free from any form of contaminants or debris. In specialised components, a different type of gas may be used should it be totally necessary.

Oxygen cleaning processes are often undertaken in a controlled clean zone, where there is no risk of dust, oil, lubricants and other manufacturing contaminants. Components are commonly inspected with the use of bright light to detect any presence of visible oil or particulate matter. Many oils used in the manufacturing process exhibit fluorescence, black lights are utilised to examine these surfaces before the oxygen cleaning and testing service begins.

Buckley Industrial are capable of cleaning components specifically to the clients requirements that may mean an industrial standard is needed. Components that need cleaning to a Grade 5 Federal 100 standard, general environment standard will find Buckley Industrial perfect. For ultrasonic cleaning, UV inspection and microscopic inspection, the firm offers high quality services to suit these requirements.

Aside from these services, Buckley Industrial supplies a range of other useful products and services that can benefit your applications and their processes.