hose assembliesBuckley Industrial supplied metallic braided hose assemblies and uses trade names such as Parnor, Parrap and HP, which offers a wide range of solution for today’s tough environmental world. These types of hoses are manufactured with a specific/standard/close pitch annular corrugations that are obtained through hydro-forming, which allows these types of hoses to provide optimum flexibility.

Buckley Industrial supply HP, THP and XHP hose for high pressure applications, which can be single, double or even triple braided for extreme high pressure.


Metallic hose is normally supplied in stainless steel AISI 321/1.4541 with external braids in AISI 304/1.4301. For custom and specialist applications, a variety of different braid materials is available and can be applied to ensure you have the perfect product.

Temperature capabilities often range from between -250C to 650C.

Hose Protection

Pyrojacket coating is a silicon coated glass cloth that is available in a variety of bore sizes, known for being excellent at covering hose assemblies that work continuously at up to 260C, where its insulation properties will essentially help contribute to a safer working environment.

Heat shrink sleeving is a method used typically for the food and pharmaceutical industries, where a good method of protection for clean handing and avoiding contamination in the braid.

EDPM rubber cover is a process recommended for robust use, coming in a variety of colours, which can be applied to all bore sizes. Other types of rubber can also be used on request.

Principal Applications

Stainless steel hose assemblies have a wide range of uses, commonly found in applications involving gas turbines, chemicals, cryogenics, nuclear, gas, food/beverage, pharmaceutical and steam.

PTFE Convoluted and Smooth Bore Hose

Buckley Industrial PTFE Convoluted Hose Range:

Seamless Imperial Helically Convoluted PTFE Hose that is specifically included helically reinforced hose assemblies for vacuum use plus heat trace or anti-static hose designs.


Wide operating temperature -60C to +260C


Suitable for conveying acids, chemicals, food/beverages and pharmaceuticals – it holds an excellent resistance to vibration.

Buckley Industrial PTFE Smooth Bore Range: Imperial Standard Smooth Bore PTFE Hose.

Temperature: Wide operating temperature (60C to +260C)

Applications: Suitable for conveying chemicals food/beverages and pharmaceuticals, oil, gas fuel and steam.


Hose Inspection and Pressure Testing

Management System for Hose Assemblies

Buckley Industrial is able to manage the life of each individual hose assembly, from the day it is issued to the day it is retired. Each of the hose assemblies are allocated a unique serial number, which allows it to be tracked throughout its life, enabling efficient recall for inspection and testing. This management system ensures that hose assemblies are not recalled unnecessarily, neither are they left in use for longer than the specified time.

Hydrostatic Testing Facilities

Buckley Industrial has been able to develop one of the most advanced pressure testing facilities available in the nation. Their custom built test rigs with highly sensitive computer aided tracking equipment give the ability to detect event the smallest leaks and defects in flexible hose assemblies.

Why do Hose Assemblies need testing?

Burst and leaking hose assemblies are a risk to health and safety, as well as the environment that could be exposed to unwanted emissions. Bursts can be very costly in the form of lost production due to unforeseen outages. Buckley Industrial’s philosophy of preventative testing virtually eliminated any unpleasant surprises and allows customers to carefully manage planned maintenance thereby maximising the ‘up-time’ of their production process.

The Testing Procedure

Visual inspection to the hose assemblies always come first, which allows the professionals at Buckley Industrial to pick up any visual mechanical damage or corrosive wear and tear that may have occurred during installation, use of even during storage.

If a hose assembly passes a visual inspection, it is hydro-statically tested, usually 1,5 times its maximum working pressure. De-mineralised water is used for the stainless steel hose to meet the full ISO 10380 specification and Buckley Industrial can test it up to pressures of 30,000 psi (2,070 Bar). Unlike conventional leak testing, pressure testing will take a hose up to its specified test pressure, which can be held indefinitely without the use of power via the test rig. During a test, fluctuations in pressure are tracked and recorded.

The third phase will involve internal inspection o the hose using video scope to detect potential future problems such as excess expansion/contraction of convolutions, corrosion etc.

Customer Satisfaction

Most of the major customers that use Buckley Industrial are now sold on the philosophy of repeat preventative testing. Unscheduled outages are almost a thing of the past and increased profitability has been proven to far outweigh the cost of regular testing.