hoseinspectionA leaking, faulty or damaged hose can have major implications on processes and operations, that can could affect personnel, equipment and much more. By having some simple hose inspection undertaken on your equipment, you are able to prevent major problems from happening before they do, through finding any problems and taking necessary measures.

There are a number of ways a hose can be damaged, which ultimately questions its integrity. Some defects of a hose can be very easy to spot, such as dents, kinks and mutations, whereas many others can be much harder to find – hence the need for a quality hose inspection and testing service.

Some defects may be visually obvious, but may not look like they will have negative effects on operations. These are often a disaster waiting to happen, so ensuring a professional has a good look over it and takes necessary measures to test the hose is extremely important.

There are two main types of inspection techniques used by companies such as Buckley Industrial; visual inspection and internal inspection.

Visual Inspection

There are many different ways the outside of a hose can be damaged, questioning its integrity. Some of these defects can be easy to see, such as kinks and dents – whereas others can be difficult to find. Some defects may not look harmful at all, but can in fact cause carnage if left alone. On the other hand, something that looks quite harmful to your operations, it may in fact be harmless – and if managed carefully, left alone.

Internal Inspection

A hose assembly may be able to pass both a visual inspection and a hydrostatic test, but still have imperfections in its internal structure. By using the latest video-scope and endoscopic technology, along with various other specialised and industry specific equipment, Buckley Industrial can investigate your equipment thoroughly before arriving at an accurate conclusion.

Video-scope facilities at Buckley Industrial are custom configured for the internal inspection of hose assemblies incorporating the following features:

  • Powerful light source
  • High definition, magnified display
  • Various lenses offering a wide field of view
  • Capable of taking still or video images
  • Laser measurement system
  • Seals placed at both ends using custom made cap to prevent invasion of any foreign bodies