vacuum testingVacuum testing is used to ensure that hose assemblies used in suction applications are safe, rigid and reliable during service. This type of hose testing is employed to effectively test hose assemblies, allowing the client to retrieve important information on how effective and reliable they are at their job. A reputable hose testing firm will have the facilities, equipment and expertise to employ an effective vacuum testing facility that enable them to subject hose assemblies to any negative pressure that reads down to a total vacuum state.

When a hose is tested properly, it will be exposed to any pressures it would be expected to cope under, reading down to a total vacuum state of -29.92 in Hg – inches of mercury. Vacuum testing is a form of hose testing that is extremely important in undertaking a vital test that determines whether or not it is suitable for its purpose. Buckley Industrial can undertake a reliable vacuum test that will offer you a conclusion and feedback regarding your hose assemblies and applications. Not only do this firm offer specialised testing facilities and services, they can also offer you a replacement part or alternative product you may benefit from to ensure you have a perfectly functioning application.

Suction applications must be tested through vacuum testing methods to ensure that they will stay rigid during service, avoiding power cuts, failure, halts and hazards that can result in devastating effects to both personnel and equipment. Halted production processes cost millions of pounds every year – and by simply ensuring your equipment is up to scratch, you can be sure that you won’t come across any problems.

Each hose that is tested will be put through its aces at a measured and controlled rate, through the vacuum testing process. For a comprehensive service, excellent quality products and reliable tests, check out Buckley Industrial.