Consultancy is an important part of getting it right when it comes to selecting the correct hoses, couplings and other flexible connectors to suit your particular application. If you attempt to source things yourself and have limited or no experience and knowledge, you could potentially end up with the completely wrong items to run a smooth application. There are thousands of products and solutions on the market, so using specialised staff to advise you is always recommended. Whether you need new couplings, hoses or pipe expansion joints, you can be sure that by using a professional firm, you will be presented with the highest quality of service in all aspects.

Specialist staff are well versed in advising the most suitable methods of addressing difficult hose related applications, which can often be done at their own premises or onsite, meeting your needs in regards to supply the correct product, as well as making the process convenient for you.

Buckley Industrial are a firm that conduct site inspections that advise on existing hose configuration and potentially weak or disfigured areas that would highly benefit from tweaks and improvements. Should you require hose inspection, hose testing, couplings, fittings, hoses and pipe expansion joints, Buckley Industrial will not only inspect and advise you, but can supply you with the required pieces that ensure you end up with the service and items you need.

The firm will always take into account the following factors, to ensure you are presented with the most effective, efficient and friendly service possible:

• Environmental issues
• Health & Safety considerations
• Current legislation
• Solutions offering optimum economy
• Current British, European and International standards
• Inspection & testing recommendations

Buckley Industrial can offer you a reliable and high quality service, along with excellent quality and reliable products that will ensure that you get the most from your applications.