Electric continuity testingElectrical Continuity refers to a part of a complete or connected whole circuit. In electrical applications, when an electrical circuit is capable of conducting current, it is known to demonstrate electrical continuity. A continuous circuit is considered to be ‘closed’, meaning the circuit is complete. An electric continuity test will be able to test if the circuit is running smoothly without any faults, meaning the problematic areas can be found and targeted, should they be present.

The most obvious sign that a circuit is broken and electrical continuity fails would be if the application fails to work. Besides from an application simply not working, it can sometimes have a more serious affect. Unintended breaks can results in electrical fires or damage to electrical equipment and therefore recommended that all electrical wiring and appliances are kept in good working order and are properly maintained.

Within industry specific applications, where wiring may be used in factories, power plants and offices, it is vital that all wiring is in full working order. A number of devices are manufactured to assist consumers in testing electrical continuity, from multimetres, to electric continuity testers. For small applications, a consumer may choose to carry out this type of testing themselves. For various other bigger applications that could require a vast amount of time and skill, a company like Buckley Industrial can be the perfect people to talk to.

When testing for electrical continuity consumers should first cut off the power to the circuit by unplugging the device or turning off the main circuit breaker. Without doing this may result is dangerous electrical shocks. Testing for electrical continuity requires the placement of one probe at each pole or terminal of the circuit being tested. The instructions specific to the continuity reader should examined, but generally, when testing, if the switch is on the ‘on’ position, the reading should be close to zero. When the switch is off, the reading should be infinity. Other versions may simply involve a light that illuminates when on and black out when off.